Life Update.

Forever Home

I’m still waiting for planning permission to remodel our kitchen/dining area at the rear of the house. I had hoped to put in a two-storey rear extension but the planning department did not like this idea! I had originally thought that I’d have the house finished by Easter 2016… but that clearly did not happen. So I’m now hoping that it will be all done by early Summer 2017 (& am already planning for lots of garden parties next year). The front of the house which I have been renovating for just over a year now is stunning – just how I wanted it. I still need to floor the ground level hallway, but other than that the two living areas are decorated and furnished as are the three bedrooms and our bathroom. There are still a few areas that need touching up, but nothing major.



The kids are fantastic as always. They are always making me laugh and I love their little personalities. We’re now in the run up to Christmas and it’s always a bit manic at this time of year. We’re prepping for the school nativities… my son will be an innkeeper and my daughter a star. We’ve also just started up swimming lessons again, so our weeks are busy again too. Weekends are equally jam packed – but I love it. I do miss sharing their photographs and videos, but hopefully you can understand that as a divorced parent it is difficult.


I took my daughter to see Disney’s Frozen the other week as part of a blogger event, and we had such a fantastic evening. We met Anna and Elsa before they took to the ice, and I think I was more excited to see them than the littlest and her friend! The show was excellent (although we did sneak out early as it was a school night).



Nothing to note here…! Although on a whim I filled out a form for First Dates… eek!

Health & Fitness

That must be three months now that I’ve been having weekly sessions with a PT at my gym. October was a write-off though as I was in Australia for a fortnight, and then I really struggled to get back into the swing of things on my return. It’s only now that I’m getting my motivation back (she says as she stuffs the kids mini fingers in her mouth!). I made a big batch of roasted veg yesterday which was my dinner last night with some wholegrain pasta, and will also mean that I have healthy food in the fridge for a few meals in the coming week. I also made a huge pot of sweet potato, carrot and broccoli soup today. I had a bowl for my dinner today and it was really tasty… go me!

My health has not been so great. I wasn’t able to have my infliximab infusion this week because my liver function tests were all over the place. I’ve to see my consultant on Thursday and will find out more then. In the meantime I’ve been avoiding alcohol which is not so easy given it’s the party season!


Meetings. Busyness. Stress. That pretty much sums up my work at the minute. I’ve been really tired (potentially as a result of the haywire LFTs) and so most days lately I have taken myself to bed as soon as I can so I can rest and relax.

I found out today that one of my colleagues has passed away over the weekend. Cancer. I have known him for the two years that I have been with the company, and he is… was… a really friendly guy. Always shouting ‘Alrighty?!’ as I passed him on the stairs, and listening to my weekend antics in the tearoom of a morning. Despite knowing his cancer was terminal, the sad news has still come as a shock. I’ve spent the evening in my bed, crying on/off, as it’s brought back memories of my mum too (who I named my new blog after). Work tomorrow will be strange. I feel for his friends and family; losing someone you love is horrible.

Life is short, and today has reinforced that. Enjoy every minute.


Gift Guide – Secret Santa

Secret Santa definitely seems to be a common occurrence across workplaces, and I think the typical budget is around the £5-£15 mark. I thought I’d stick down a few ideas of bits and pieces that I thought would be ideal for gifting to work colleagues.

Novelty Hat

Last year I was given some festive props as my Secret Santa, and it was certainly a talking point for that evening’s work Christmas party. This turkey hat is under £5 and I think it is rather amusing.


Beauty Bauble

Despite the silly hat idea above, Secret Santa doesn’t have to be something ridic. I noticed last year that there were loads of beauty baubles in the shops, and this year there are even gin baubles. Anyway, there are a nice selection of these in Space NK, and this divine oil ‘bauble’ from Caudalie is £8.



How cool is this unicorn tape dispenser!! It’s under a tenner too.



A quirky mug seems to be a fail safe Secret Santa… I love these risqué mugs from Dirty Sentiments at £11.99 each.




Personalised Lanyard

We have swipe cards at my work, and so some of us wear these round our necks on a lanyard. Anyway, for under £5 you can have a lanyard personalised with your own text… perhaps your recipients nickname or the like.