Life Update.


Since my last update not much has been happening at the house, however I do have contractors booked to rectify the quagmire and they start in March. Hurrah – the end is in sight!

I still have lots of little things I need to sort internally; my dimmer switch for the main ‘grown-up’ living room has been broken since I moved in for instance… I just need to buy a new one & replace it. I have a list in my phone of all the stuff that needs fixed, and slowly but surely I’ll work my way through it.

One thing I want to work on this year is the styling of my open shelving… this is on my 18 for 2018 list.


I had a fantastic day out in Fife last weekend with Dawn, exploring an abandoned mental hospital. It was super creepy! Dawn regular escapes the city, and I was yet to join her on one of her adventures so I was pleased that we managed to get a date that suited both of us. She’s written a blog post here with lots more photos and chat, and talks about the history of the buildings.

In addition to making time for good friends, I’ve also managed to go on a couple of dates. All very positive, and I have a third date lined up for this week.


Clockwise from Top Left – To celebrate my birthday last month, I had a very drunken night out, that ended with us dancing in The Shed!  /  Hot chocolates all round at Cafe Crema on Victoria Road  /  Littlest had two friends stay the night this weekend, and so I made pancakes for breakfast (only one of the friends made it to the morning, nothing sinister… don’t fret… the other was collected by her dad at 11.30pm).  /   I cooked up our first roast dinner last month, and it was very tasty. I made the Yorkshire puds from scratch (but had Aunt Bessie’s Roast Potatoes!).

I had a work get together last weekend, and we had a three course late lunch at Sarti’s on Wellington Street  (below is my smoked salmon starter) /  and then I had another 3 course dinner the following day at the Boyd Roderick (this time prawns to start). Perhaps it’s no surprise that at my Monday weigh in with work I haven’t lost anything (I volunteered to take part, it’s not a compulsory thing in case you were wondering!).


I’ve been slow getting back into healthy eating and exercising – see above – no excuses really, but I did have a tough week with my colonoscopy mid-January. (As far as the colonoscopy goes, it was much better than I had anticipated… definitely still sore and not pleasant, but it was easier than the last time). I have since been batch cooking healthy curry and soups, and filling my freezer with meals. It’s all about the prep and being organised!


As part of my 18 for 2018 list, I had also wanted to try a new recipe each month… and I did this for January. Feeling accomplished!


I have an overnight stay booked with Dawn coming up which I’m looking forward to, but still no holidays further afield sorted. Once the driveway is complete I’ll have a better indication of my finances, and see what I can afford…