Another year…

This month sees me turning 36. Another year older, but I’m not convinced I’m any wiser!

In my recent post on my Highs and Lows of 2017, I had written that I let myself down. I feel that I should have listened to my gut feeling sooner, and trusted in myself more. I’m not sure that I’ve been learning from the mistakes that I’ve made (mainly mistakes involving men!!) However, my good friend Dawn was quick to say the opposite, and reinforced that she felt I’d reacted in the exact same way anyone else would, and that my reactions were the right ones.

It’s been a busy year, as you will see from my Goodbye 2017 round-up and I’m anticipating 2018 will be just as jam-packed. Rather than setting resolutions, I’ve written a list of 18 things that I’d like to achieve in the year. The kids and I have already checked off one item, which involved a trip to ice cream & churros bar Loop & Scoop (an early birthday treat for me!), and this weekend we started on some of the classic family movies I’m keen for us to watch which will help us cross off another… first up was Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc. You can read the full list of 18 for 2018 here.

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Anyway, back to my birthday! Being honest, I’m not really bothered by  birthdays now and whether or not they are recognised (will be a different story when I’m turning 40…will surely want to have a party then!). That said, the kids do like to celebrate hence our recent dinner out to Paesano and Loop & Scoop as they’re with their dad on my birthday weekend. Given that I’m going to be kid-free, I’m being joined by my friend Steph, who is travelling down from the Black Isle, and we’re going to hit Glasgow for dinner and cocktails on Saturday night with our other friend Claire (my last night out in town was in July!). A few years ago, the girls met for my birthday celebration, and I had chosen to go to the cinema to see The Impossible. It was a horrifying film (about the Indian Ocean tsunami), and not necessarily the ideal way to spend your birthday! This year will be better!! (As an aside, I popped onto IMDb to check the film title, and it was released in 2012… so it was more that a few years ago! Time has been flying by!).

I treated myself to a new perfume as an early birthday present (despite being totally skint with the recent renovation, and the ongoing legal saga with the quagmire… I felt I deserved a gift with all the stress I’ve been having to endure!)… and so now all I need to do is to decide what to wear and where we’re going for dinner! There are some great offers just now for dining out in Glasgow – 50% off food at Grill on the Corner, and I got a 50% off voucher for Malmaison in my emails – however neither can be used on a Saturday night, so we’re going to keep looking. I have a list of restaurants in Glasgow that I’d like to try, so perhaps I’ll see about going to one of them. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories (@glasgowmummy) to see where we wind up.

Sarah x