About Me

I recently did an Instagram post with 20 facts about me, and I thought I would share them here too for those of you that perhaps don’t have Instagram…

  1. I love being tall (I’m 5’11”)
  2. I’ve got Crohn’s Disease
  3. Despite having a wide network of friends, I still find myself feeling lonely
  4. One of my favourite meals is steak & chips
  5. I wish I had my children with me more than 50% of the time
  6. I hate my sausage fingers
  7. I love to learn & have completed a range of night classes… reflexology, Indian head massage, interior design…
  8. Interior Design is a huge passion of mine
  9. My sister is my best friend. I wish we lived closer together
  10. My mum died when I was 19
  11. I’m from Aberdeen, but don’t have the accent
  12. I love ice cream, pralines & cream is a favourite
  13. I have size 8 feet
  14. My daughter was born in the amniotic sac… meant to be very rare & lucky
  15. I am not a night owl, and definitely need a good nights sleep
  16. I’m trying to stick to a restricted diet just now of no wheat, dairy or refined sugar. Also limiting caffeine and alcohol
  17. As I write this I’m a little tipsy…I’m failing at number 16 on the list!
  18. I love sitting in front of a real fire, especially with a glass of wine or a G&T
  19. Boxing makes me feel good
  20. I’m not really a pet person but have wound up with two cats Rhubarb & Crumble

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