Summer Holidays

This year I don’t have a summer holiday organised… with all the stuff going on at the house, I’ve decided that we will stay at home.

Anyway, I realised that I hadn’t written about my holiday last summer! The kids and I went to Normandy, France with my sister, her fiancé and his two kids for a week. Ali had organised a traditional Airbnb villa for us to stay in, and it was beautiful. I mean, just look at these surroundings…


The villa was remote, which meant that there was no eating out of an evening unless we had driven somewhere, which we chose not to do. I love to eat out, so I feel that I missed out in that respect – that’s one of the pleasures in visiting another country is to try all the local food.

A villa holiday has it’s pros, but I felt at times that it wasn’t a ‘proper’ holiday because it was the same routine in a different house. For my next holiday abroad with the kids I’d be keen to go all inclusive, that way the whole family gets a break. I’ve subsequently been at Crieff Hydro for a weekend, and it was fantastic – we did the Freedom dining which meant the kids had breakfast, lunch & high tea included in the package and we also made use of the Big Country kids club.

Loving all the cakes & pastries in France!

I think if the weather had been better whilst we were in France we’d have been more inclined to just hang at the villa by the pool but we had a few days of rain. Which we’re used to living in Glasgow! Despite the pool being pretty cold at times, the kids were still keen to get in it and my son had great fun creating underwater videos using my GoPro. They are just hilarious!! Watching them back now makes me realise just how much he has grown up in this last year.

We also did a few day trips… Monet’s garden was beautiful, we visited a bouncy castle play park by the sea and ate mussels in a waterfront cafe, visited a small town (I forget the names of all the places we went, sorry!), had proper hot chocolate, and had a shot on a luge (which was pretty fast and bumpy!). Ali & Robin had done all the research and planned an itinerary for us which was great as I’d been so busy with work, kids etc!

It was travelling home that was the nightmare… as you know I’ve got Crohn’s Disease and I tend to find that I have a more sensitive tummy as a result of this. The night before we left, Ali had cooked some pasta and had thrown in some leftover sausages from the BBQ the day before. However I don’t think it had been reheated properly, and as a result made me feel terrible. At 4am we had to get up to drive to the airport, and I vomited out the car window… there was literally nowhere to stop. (I wasn’t driving I should add!). I thought I was ok, so I ate something at the airport. Which I then proceeded to throw up all over myself on our descent back into Glasgow. I wasn’t allowed to leave my seat! It was a horrific experience, one that I hopefully won’t have to repeat! The kids still talk about this incident… I had one on either side on the plane!


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