Back on Track

This morning I woke up determined to get back on track with my restricted diet… regular readers will remember that in December for health reasons I cut out wheat, dairy, refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine from my diet. It’s Monday… a great day to start fresh!

I’m not going to go all out this time aroundย (as I will no doubt fail)… I will probably still drink alcohol and I may also have the odd cup of tea with cows milk in it (until I find an alternative that tastes good). However, I’m doing to do my best with the wheat, dairy, refined sugar and caffeine!

For breakfast I’ve had an oat, raspberry and banana almond milk smoothie which was actually pretty tasty and kept me full for most of the morning. I then had some sushi for lunch followed by some chicken and veggies for dinner (after a run I might add… well a 4 mile walk / jog!). I did have some gluten-free oat biscuit things with a cuppa at work, and I may have had a couple of chocolate cornflake crispy things (they were tiny!)… so I don’t think I deserve a gold star yet but I’m headed back in the right direction. Having the new kitchen certainly helps as trying to meal prep out of a temporary kitchen that was in the corner of my living room was just really difficult!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 20.19.30


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