Interiors – Bathroom Inspiration

When we moved into our forever home, I had one main bathroom on the turn of the stairs (which has now been renovated and is one of my favourite rooms in the house!), and then also a WC at the back of the house on the ground level. It was very dingy, damp and mouldy. The boiler was located in this WC, and the room basically didn’t get used because it was so gross. The ceiling was the same height as my head, which meant the space was very cramped too. All in all it was a very uninspired second toilet that just desperately needed ripping out.

Fast forward a year, and the disgusting WC is gone and has been replaced with a larger room with a much higher ceiling (instead of a sloping room extension that was there previously, the new extension is flat roof). Now the ceiling is higher and the space is bigger, it’s meant that the room is suitable for a shower as well as a toilet. Have a look on Instagram at the hashtag #ethelrenovates to see the progress photos.

I’m not such a fan of modern bathrooms, and wanted to go for a more traditional suite. I’ve chosen to have a toilet with a cistern that is located high up on the wall… I love it! (Although my builder hasn’t put the brackets on very well; they are squint and need fixed… on my snagging list!). With a budget that is becoming very tight as we near the end of the project, I actually just bought the bathroom suite from Amazon! It possibly does look a bit cheap, but I think once the room is accessorised it should be ok.

I really like the use of vintage pieces of furniture in a bathroom, however unfortunately the room isn’t big enough for a freestanding unit like these:

Image Source
Image Source
Image Source

Instead, I’m now on the look out for a smaller antique unit that I can mount on the wall to store toiletries and other paraphernalia. If you see anything, please let me know!



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