House Update

The extension is dragging……urgh!

The work started at the end of March, and we’re now in July. It was supposed to be finished by 12th May, a 7 week build, and yet we’re now nearly at the 12th July!! Don’t get me wrong… the end is now definitely in sight… but it’s been so frustrating.

When I bought this house, I hadn’t anticipated doing this all on my own. I had thought Rick and I would be living here together. We broke up the week I got the keys, and so I’ve been riding solo, until now. Kevin has been fantastic – helping me deal with the pesky builder and his tradesmen. Unfortunately it seems to be that tradesmen think they can pull the wool over the eyes of a single woman and just generally take the piss. In steps the boyfriend, and things have certainly changed direction.

Perhaps I’ll have some photographs of the finished article to share with you before the end of the summer!

From top left, clockwise: painting woodwork is so dull; the new Camaro floor which is being installed this week by Glenlith Interiors; my fantastic SunSquare window above my kitchen; and finally the new breakfast bar!


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