My New Kitchen, Part II – Glenlith Interiors

Hurrah… after a loooong 14 weeks I now have a kitchen again. I should point out that this is at no fault of the kitchen provider, the build has been very slow and tedious and the kitchen instal had to be delayed as a result.

Anyway, I have been absolutely delighted with Glenlith Interiors that I wanted to share the full details with you here (this is not sponsored, they are a fantastic local company and I am very happy with their service/product so wanted to share).

The before photographs of the space can be seen here, and below are a few of the ‘in progress’ shots:

The space will hopefully be ready for the ‘final’ photos soon… it’s in the middle of being painted (white) and then it needs a proper clean. I also don’t have the floor fitted as yet, as we are awaiting the underfloor heating being installed.

Kitchen Planning

Kitchen planning began absolutely ages ago… I originally was going to use Gideon Robinson, but the kitchen that they designed included an island and I just wasn’t convinced that there was sufficient space for it and so I decided to try another company. Next, I had a few consultations with Kitchens International. Rather than an island, they suggested a peninsula breakfast bar and I ended up paying a deposit for this design. However, the planning permission with the council took forever, and in the time that I was waiting I had a change of heart and decided instead I wanted a more traditional solid wood shaker style kitchen compared to the sleek Kitchens International one (I blame Pinterest!).

My architect recommended Glenlith Interiors, a local company run by Mike, and I have been so happy that I made the swap. I shared with Mike the design by Kitchens International, and he made a few tweaks/suggestions before coming up with the final design that I’ve gone for. Glenlith don’t have a showroom, which keeps their costs down and ultimately benefits the customer, so instead Mike and I corresponded mainly by email/phone with a few face-to-face meetings at the site. I knew what I wanted in terms of colours/worktops etc so the process of picking these was super quick. Mike popped over with the colour swatches and examples of the doors for me to mull over, but I chose the final colour in about 2 minutes and I loved the in-frame door style so I quickly picked that too. We went together to the stone supplier, which is based in Glasgow, and I was able to see large pieces of the worktop before choosing as I had found it difficult to pick from a small sample book. The one item that took the most time to choose was one of the smallest – the handles… I knew that I wanted cup handles and a simple pull knob, but there were so many in the book to select from. I got there eventually though with some suggestions from Mike.

The Installation

The space that the kitchen was to be installed in ended up being a little smaller than the plans, and so a couple of the units had to be reduced in size to accommodate this. I didn’t need to worry though as Mike liaised directly with the architect and builder and just got it sorted with no stress for myself.

On the day the installation started, Mike’s guys arrived to deliver the carcasses, doors & other materials and then they basically just got on with it. They were grafters (unlike my builder & his men, who often downed tools at 2pm, and frequently didn’t even show up) and that immediately impressed me. It really only took 3 days, and then the kitchen carcasses & doors were in. We then waited a few more days until the silestone worktop was cut and delivered before it was fitted. The worktop transformed the space, and I absolutely love it! I think the combination of the grey cabinets doors with the marble effect top is just fantastic.

What let us down was the electrician, which was the responsibility of my builder rather than Glenlith, because once the appliances were in we were unable to switch them on and use them as there were no plugs fitted. Very frustrating, but we’ve got there eventually.

Snagging & Finishing Touches

There’s been a couple of things with the kitchen that have been delayed/need changed. There was a part missing for the hot water tap, which has to be shipped from Germany, and it’s yet to arrive & be fitted. This hasn’t bothered me (I still have my kettle!) and Mike is keeping me up-to-date via text with this which is good. It’s nice to be kept in the loop. The other thing that I’m not liking so much is the cabinet door catches. They’re difficult to get closed, and you need to push the door with force to get it to clip in properly. Mike is going to change these to magnetic closures for me. Other than that, it’s been a very smooth process and I’m just delighted with the end result.

I’ve cooked dinner, granted just the once, in the new kitchen and it is glorious! Compared with previous kitchens, I’m spoiled for choice with where to prep… there is just tonnes of worktop space. The kids can’t wait to get stools for the breakfast bar (currently we sit on a selection of chairs huddled round a large plastic box for meals, as my dining table can’t come back into the room until the underfloor heating is installed) and we’re already planning cooking tutorials for my YouTube channel!

I’ve been so happy with Glenlith Interiors, that I’m going to get them to supply and instal the flooring too. Huge thumbs up from me, and I’d most definitely recommend to others. Watch this space for the final photos… they should be up soon!


2 thoughts on “My New Kitchen, Part II – Glenlith Interiors”

  1. Your kitchen is lovely. I wonder if you could share dimensions of the kitchen, not the dining area…. I’m planning ( pinteresting) my dream kitchen and trying to work out what would fit , similar dilemma re island or breakfast bar!


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