Farm Antics

Regular readers will know that my boyfriend is a farmer, and so I’ve been spending quite a bit of time with him at the farm. As you’ll have seen from the previous posts, I am loving the farm life.

I’m a city girl though, and so life down at the farm is very different to what I am used to. When Kevin is there telling me what to do, then things seem to go ok… although there was one evening where we were trying to get a cow that was in labour moved from one shed to another, and that didn’t go to plan. I felt a bit useless and was told to block the road as best as I could, but she managed to get past me… oops! We got her eventually.

Watching a cow give birth was a strange experience. It was relatively quick, and the calf (which was huge in comparison to the size of the cow) was pulled out by Kevin using a rope! I’m pretty squeamish though and all the yuck that goes along with giving birth was not pleasant to see!

Today I’ve been left in charge whilst Kevin is away at the silage. I had two jobs… let the chickens out and take the dogs for a walk. Easy, or so I thought.


Half way down the road with the dogs we came across a lamb that had escaped from the field. It was desperately trying, and failing, to get back to its mum. The dogs were so excitable, and despite me shouting at them to ‘heel’, ‘lie down’ and ‘stay still’ they were trying to grab the animal. The lamb, which was now pretty big, was just too heavy for me to pick up and throw over the fence and it was wriggling around too much. In the end the dogs chased after it, and the lamb went running back towards the farm. I guess at this point I should admit that I’m not brilliant with animals. Yes, I have two pet cats, but the sole purpose of these were to ensure that my kiddies didn’t grow up as fearful of animals as I was. I remember as a child having a pet rabbit, and I used to get it plonked on my knee, on top of a cushion, and I would wear oven mitts to pat it. As soon as it moved, I’d be asking for it to be taken away!

Anyway, back to the story… I went running back up to the farm, and put the dogs back in their pens. With them out of the way, I could deal with the lamb. I failed to get it into one of the sheds, and it ran back down the road. So frustrating! I tried calling Kevin, but couldn’t reach him. So instead I called my dad as I thought he might have some words of wisdom. I told him what had happened… and the two of us were just in fits of laughter at my situation and he didn’t have any helpful insights.

After walking up and down the road a few times… I still haven’t been able to find the lamb! Goodness knows where it’s disappeared to, I just hope it turns up.

I called my dad about 5-10 minutes after my first call, to tell him I still hadn’t found it, and he was still crying with laughter. I’ve been told ‘don’t give up your day job’!

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 21.37.45


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