Life Update.

The house is very delayed (we were supposed to finish on 12 May) but progress is more obvious now. Weeks went by whilst at the groundwork stage and we just never seemed to be moving forward, but once the timber kit was constructed, things have moved along. I was going to say at pace, but it’s been a slow pace rather than the fast pace I would have liked (given that we’re now weeks and weeks behind schedule). The kitchen should finish this week – hurrah – and I’m told the whole build will be completed next week (I’ll believe it when I see it… at the moment we still don’t have the skylights installed, the electrics aren’t finished, the bathroom needs plumbed, the plastering still has to be completed, the stove needs to be fitted and the place needs painted and floored!).

My sister and her fiancé Robin welcomed their beautiful baby girl Fleur into the world at the start of June. I’m a delighted Auntie, and after what was a very difficult labour I am happy that both mum and baby are now and home and doing well. She is just the cutest wee thing. I’ve been up to Aberdeen twice now to spend time with them, and I’m hoping to travel up again soon.

Things with my farmer man are going very well. He’s a bit camera shy… hence all the photographs of the animals rather than him! I’m still loving the farm life and just wish I was able to spend more time there.

What else have I been up to? I made it along to the new menu launch bloggers event at Black Dove. I’d say the food was mixed… some dishes I liked more than others. The puddings were gorgeous though and definitely the highlight for me. I also attended the All You Can Eat Sushi evening at Wholefoods with Dawn. I managed two platefuls, but was quickly full! There was so much sushi… but I felt it was missing some miso soup, edamame beans or pickled seaweed (is that a thing?)… I had thought for the ticket price there may have been more than just the sushi itself.

I’ve also been on a few trips… of course I’ve been to Aberdeen following the arrival of Fleur, but in May I stayed at Ardoe House Hotel for a few nights with the man. It was an enjoyable weekend spent relaxing, eating & drinking… unfortunately the spa let us down as a therapist was off sick and my treatment had to be shortened from 1 hour to 30 minutes which was really disappointing. The food was good though, and the service in the restaurant was excellent. The kids and I also had a few nights at Crieff Hydro… it was my first time there as a parent and I have to say the set-up is just fantastic. It was a superb few days and well worth the money. On the night of our arrival, the kids had their high tea, and then went off to play in the Big Country kids club leaving the grown-ups (my friend Claire was there with her family at the same time) to have a cocktail or two and a civilised dinner. The Hemmingway Daiquiri that I had was amazing (as recommended by Claire!).

Needless to say the restricted diet has not been followed this past month or so… I need to get back on it as it really was helping with my Crohn’s symptoms.

Last, but not least, I have decided to revert back to Glasgow Mummy. My Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages have had name changes already, and the blog will be next. Watch this space for the re-launch!



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