Wardrobe Refresh

I’ll happily admit that fashion isn’t my strong point…I’m great with interiors and will easily spend a small fortune on furniture, accessories etc for my home. However, I don’t seem to be as able or willing to spend money on clothes, particularly when it’s fleeting trends. What I’ve subsequently found is that I tend to wear the same clothes over & over, preferring comfort over style. Most of my shopping is either done online (staple black dresses from Baujken for work, or Boden Breton stripe tops) or in the supermarket as I do my weekly food shop! I’ve been literally living in a Trespass parka, despite having multiple other coats & jackets…but with the ever variable weather in Glasgow I prefer to be safe with my waterproof outerwear & hood… rather than have to cart about an umbrella with me. 

Anyway, enough was enough and it’s time to give my wardrobe a proper refresh. To get me started, I had organised to join Victoria at Braehead for a free 2 hour personal shopping trip. I have used the personal shopper at House of Fraser on a few occasions previously and do recommend getting some help if clothes shopping either isn’t your forte, or if you’re short on time.

We started at Starbucks for a cuppa and to chat about what I was looking for, my current style etc. Victoria quickly put me at ease & with that we hit the first couple of shops. I was drawn to my usual black or navy tunic style tops/shirts/dresses but Victoria managed to steer me towards brighter colours and different items that would accentuate my waist rather than cover up my body shape, which is what I’ve been doing lately. The bright colours actually suited my skin tone & hair…who knew! 

The experience was a huge success, with multiple purchases…a few tops from Warehouse & Oasis, a necklace, a pair of jeans (Topshop Jamie – so comfortable and much more flattering than the ones I’ve been sporting recently), and two pairs of shoes from Next. We also found the perfect pair of cropped trousers for work in M&S but I needed the longer length, so I’ve since purchased these online. I’m definitely going to make more of an effort to shop in person in the future, online shopping is quick & easy, but I can totally appreciate the benefit of browsing the rails and actually feeling/seeing the items.

Next on my list is to dig out all my existing clothes and have a proper declutter.


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