I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. I’ve just looked back, and I only published one post in May, and only one post in April. It’s now June (how did that happen so fast!!). I used to write regularly, and loved it. Whereas I feel I’ve sort of lost my mojo a bit. I’m struggling to share as openly and honestly as I once did due to fear of what people will think or say. I used to find it therapeutic sharing my ups and downs, and I do miss the process of writing. My blog, perhaps more so the Glasgow Mummy blog compared with Ethel Explores, has gotten me through some tough times.

The last year has been difficult. I had a Crohn’s flare-up in the first half of the year, and my medication was changed from Humira to infliximab as a result. However I then had to stop the infliximab due to its side effects. It’s taken until now for my liver to return to normal. Well, the results aren’t quite normal yet, but they’re pretty darn close! Surprisingly my Crohn’s symptoms have been fine despite me not being on any medication (my last infliximab infusion was in October last year). I’ve been really tired though and I’ve gotten into the habit of going to bed most nights at 8.30-9pm. Blogging has just been low on my list of priorities, whereas resting and sleep were the most important things to keep me going, allowing to me to still function as a parent and an employee.

The renovations at my house have come at a bad time, all things considered, but I made the decision to plough on regardless. Thankfully the end is in sight, and my new kitchen is being fitted from Monday next week – hurrah! I’m amazed that we’ve managed for nearly 9 weeks with no hot water and by the time the kitchen is complete, it will have been about 12 weeks with no kitchen!

By the end of June, things should have settled down a little… my liver will be fully recovered, the house renovation will be complete and I will be able to focus my attention on my blog once more. I’ll maybe try doing some vlogs again too!

I’ve missed you all… but this is me hopefully back for good!



6 thoughts on “Blogging”

  1. You’re still doing amazing Sarah – so happy for you! 9weeks with two kids and no kitchen is a nightmare! Love reading your blogs – the end is in sight!! 🙂 Louise


  2. I’ve missed reading about your life Sarah! Glad to hear you are back for good! Can’t wait to see before and after house photos x


  3. Life gets in the way sometimes, don’t be too hard on yourself, you have a lot to deal with. Your readers are still here and happy to read whatever and whenever you post. x


  4. Life always gets in the way. Followed your glasgow mummy blogs for some time and it always resonated with me, you’ll get there. We are all still here, reading away! You sound down, don’t be – your almost there!


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