Life Update.

We are making progress with the house, very slowly but it’s still progress nonetheless. (I say ‘we’, but I’m not doing any of the work, it’s the builders that are doing all the hard grafting!!). The trenches have been dug and filled with concrete. This week the brick walls will be built, and the concrete floor poured. Once we get to this stage, the wooden frame should go up very quickly & once the roof is on then the boiler can be reinstated. It’s been weeks and weeks now since I had hot water (I think it’s 4 in total, possibly nearer 5!) & I am getting fed up with it tbh. I’m fairly laid back but it’s just a hassle having to shower at the gym (I don’t have an electric shower unfortunately!) and having to wash dishes with water from the kettle in the bath!! It’ll be worth it in the end… my kitchen (from Glenlith Interiors) is going to be stunning!

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 20.32.38

The restricted diet is going so-so…I’ve reverted back to having a splash of milk in my tea. It was the one thing that I struggled with when I started the plan at the end of last year. I’ve also had the odd treat here & there, but on the whole I’ve been good and I think I’m making the right choices when eating out (which I’m doing a lot of due to the current state of my house!). I’ve dropped a dress size since starting with my PT however ideally I’d like to drop another and get to a size 10. The weight loss just isn’t happening as quickly as it did when I was 30!

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I’ve been getting about this year so far… trips to Aberdeen, the Black Isle and Newcastle. With another trip to the Black Isle planned for May and I’m also going to Bute soon. My old school friend has a flat in Rothesay that she rents out, so I will be staying there. It looks stunning, and very Instagram-able! The main reason for all this travelling is to be away from the house whilst I have zero hot water! I can’t wait for the summer, when the house will be finished (I hope!) and I can relax in the garden. The weather these past few days has been just stunning, and I am regretting packing away my garden loungers!! Although not sure I could relax whilst surrounded by building works!

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The last big news I have to share is that I’ve met someone… he’s lovely and it’s all going great so far! I’m sure there will be more to follow on this soon!!

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