Personal Training & Fitness Goals

Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with 5 different personal trainers. I know in myself that I get better results and am more motivated when I have someone that I am accountable to. The strictest of my trainers was Maria, and the results that I achieved under her guidance were surreal. I lost over 3 stone in approx 3-4 months! Maria was the only one of my trainers that made me to keep a food diary, and she also pushed me to start running (which I’d never done prior to starting sessions with her). I was running 3-4 times a week, and just not eating enough. As a result I then ended up a bit too skinny. This was all around the time that my marriage fell apart (putting it politely!), so I had a lot on my plate which I think influenced things and I perhaps wasn’t looking after myself properly. Since Maria I’ve had Crohn’s flare ups, got comfortable in a relationship etc and my weight has crept up as a result. I’ve had a few other trainers on & off, but recently decided that enough was enough and I needed that push to get me back in shape. This time the goal is strong and lean, not skinny.

I’ve been seeing Andrew now since September 2016, so that’s just over 6 months. I have a weekly PT session in the gym, where we lift weights, use kettle bells, do squats etc and we always end with a bit of boxing (my favourite is the boxing!). It’s great fun and I have such a laugh that it doesn’t feel like hard work. There’s no way that I’d get out of bed at 5.30am to go to the gym myself, but knowing Andrew is there waiting is my motivation!

I don’t think I need to keep a food diary anymore, although I did write down for a week what I was eating and Andrew made some recommendations (I’m not eating enough protein, but am trying hard to improve this!). 

In addition to the PT, I’ve recently joined the running club and have been venturing out once a week to pound the pavements. It’s been tough getting back into it after what must be 4 years of no running, but I’m getting there. Finally, when the kids are in their swimming lesson – instead of sitting having a cuppa – I too get into the pool and do lengths for 30 minutes. For the last 5 or so weeks now I’ve regularly exercised at least 3 times a week and I’m starting to feel much better for it. Coupled with the restricted diet, I’ve managed to lose nearly a stone and I’ve dropped a dress size. Ideally I’d like to drop one more dress size, just so I can fit better in my clothes… just need to stick with it.


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