Life Update.

I was out for dinner at Crossing the Rubicon last week (top left), and the food was excellent. Vegan friendly too! My favourite place for a gluten-free burger at the moment is BRGR (top right) – the GF bun is one of the best I’ve found so far. Other meals out have included breakfast at the gym (bottom left) and at Catch (bottom right). Trying my best to stick with the restricted diet where possible!

Planning permission has come through for the works I intend on doing at my house, so I’ve started packing up the kitchen in preparation for getting the building warrant (top left). I’m getting fed up of the current state of the place (bottom left) and can’t wait to get a new kitchen installed! However the work is proving to be more expensive than I had anticipated and I’m reluctant to spend so much money investing into a house when I won’t be adding any value to it other than a new kitchen… I’m not adding any rooms! So I think I may be back to the drawing board. I’ve been doing some decluttering and organising in other parts of the house (bottom right) and just generally enjoying the spaces in the house that are complete (top right).

I’ve been getting out and about a bit more, having signed up to an art class (top left) which I’m really enjoying. I also went along to a flower crown class at Little Botanica recently (top right) which was excellent. I’m already looking forward to when they release their succulents classes – count me in! I had an impromptu night out in Edinburgh staying at my friend Erin’s house (bottom left) and what fun we had! I need to make more of an effort with old friends. For Valentine’s Day we had a bake sale at work, and I made some pretty pink cupcakes (bottom right). I also received a mysterious V-day parcel, and am yet to figure out who it’s from!


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