My Inspiring Uncle

My Uncle, my mum’s brother, is one inspiring man. I wanted to share with you here his story.

I remember that Gordon had been suffering with back pain over Christmas 2014, and as I  understand it, it was thought that it was muscular – he’s an active guy, playing lots of golf for one. However, I was visiting my gran one weekend the following month when her son, my uncle, called. I had answered the phone, as it takes my gran a wee while to make it to the phone (she’s now 93 years old) and I had not anticipated the news that I was about to hear… it was myeloma. Another family member to be affected by the horrific disease, cancer. I was asked to tell my gran, and told to keep it lighthearted which I tried my best to do (bearing in mind she had lost her daughter, my mum, to cancer in 2011).

He went on to have chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a stem cell transplant at ARI. During this time, Friends of Anchor have been a huge support. As such he now raises money for the charity.

The next of his endeavours is to walk the catwalk in his modelling debut with 23 other BRAVE men, ranging in age from 19 to 78, on Friday 5th May at Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom. I wanted to share with you his story and his JustGiving page where he is looking to raise £500. All funds raised from the event will go towards Friends of Anchor £1 million “Dream Big” fundraising campaign to bring world class oncology research to the north-east of Scotland.




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