Painting Class

My job is rather stressful (who am I kidding, it’s very stressful) and I spend my days rushing to meetings, hosting client calls and sending countless emails. Add to this the two little people that I am responsible for (50% of the time), a house renovation that’s mid-way though and a chronic condition that I need to manageย so it’s no wonder Iย find it hard to switch off sometimes.

I have found the perfect past-time for me… I started an oil & acrylic painting class a few weeks ago and in the 2 hours that I’m sat in front of my easel I completely forget about my work, the kids etc. All I’m focused on is the mixing of colours, and getting them on the canvas. I’m learning something new each week, and most importantly I enjoy it.

Week One:

Top left – the photograph I chose from Pinterest to paint; Top right – yellow ochre prepped canvas; Bottom left – making progress; Bottom right – the finished article

Week Three (I missed Week Two as I wasn’t feeling great):

Top left – a photograph I took on my Australia trip last year; Top right – blocking in the colours; Bottom left – adding detail to the waves and rocks; Bottom right – clouds!

Just need to decide what to start working on next week…


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