Car Fails

On Boxing Day we were going to visit a few family members with my sister before heading back to Glasgow. The car was packed, the kids were strapped into their car seats and we were ready to hit the road.

For the life of me however I could not get the car started. The steering wheel seemed locked, and despite wiggling it around (sometimes you need to yank it about a bit whilst turning the key when it locks) it just wouldn’t switch on. I started googling how to fix a locked steering wheel and my sister dug out the manuals from the glove compartment. I even started watching a YouTube video (there are videos for anything and everything!) but still couldn’t figure it out.

In steps Robin, my sisters other half… he sat in the drivers seat and within 5 seconds he had started the car.

I recently made the switch from a manual car to an automatic, and I had put the gear stick into Drive when I should have left it in Park. Whoops, felt like a bit of an idiot!! I won’t make that mistake again, that’s for sure!

This reminded me of another car fail that I had when I must have been 17 or 18 years old. I had thought I had written about it previously on my old Glasgow Mummy site, but I can’t find it anywhere. It wasn’t often that I would fill up the petrol tank when I first started driving – it sort of terrified me a bit and I was nervous that I’d get it wrong – which is exactly what happened when I did try myself…

My parents were at work, and I must have had to be somewhere but the car needed fuel. I drove over to the garage (which was about 2 min drive from my house) and pulled up to the pump. I hopped out of the car to get the cover open to then allow me to unscrew the petrol cap. For the life of me I could not get it to open. It was one of those ones where you just pushed it, and it then unlocked the catch and popped open. But today it was just not popping. I tried for what seemed like ages, and could not get it.

I then embarrassingly had to go into the garage to get the guy behind the till to come out and look at the car for me – he couldn’t figure it out either. We also looked inside the car, and there wasn’t a button or lever for popping it open. Much confusion.

So I drove home and called my dad. He suggested a few things to try… I was then out with a ruler trying to prise it open – didn’t work. It was a cold day, and so my dad had said that it might have been frozen a bit… so I then was out pouring hot water over the car – didn’t work.

Eventually after many, many attempts I realised that I had jumped out of the car and locked the doors (force of habit), but by locking the doors I had also locked the petrol cap.

Oh dear……



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