Online Sale Shopping – Home & Interiors

I’m a huge fan of all things interiors, and so when the sales come around I can’t help but look to see what bargains are to be had (even if I don’t really need anything in particular!).

Here are some of the top picks that I’ve come across:


Anthropologie monogram door knocker reduced from £28 to £12.95


Zara Home porcelain salad bowl reduced from £29.99 to £19.99


Cox & Cox faux antler wall hooks reduced from £35 to £17.50

normal_black-macrame-hanger black macrame hanger reduced from £19.95 to £9.97


Cox & Cox grey standing deer reduced from £17.50 to £4.38


Graham & Green brass wall hurricane reduced from £42 to £29.50

normal_carnival-wall-lights-a-to-z-and-symbols carnival wall lights reduced from £20 to £9 each


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