Laura Ashley Loves

Since moving into the Forever Home, I have made a few large furniture purchases from Laura Ashley. Their customer service has been excellent, and I’m so happy with the items I chose that I thought I would share them with you.

I needed a new sofa, as in the Forever Home we’re lucky to have an informal playroom as well as the more formal ‘grown-up’ room. The purple sofa bed that we had previously from Marks and Spencer is now in the playroom and so I needed to choose a sofa for the other room. I really fancied a Chesterfield, but I wanted a sofa with a higher back so that it is comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing. After a lot of online browsing and consideration, I picked the Mayfield from Laura Ashley in a grey tweed style fabric.

The ‘grown-up’ living room
Another large purchase from Laura Ashley has been two freestanding wardrobes, which I managed to buy half price in one of their sales. The Rosalind range in dove grey is gorgeous. I’ve also subsequently purchased a matching tall boy, which will be delivered at the start of December. (PS I haven’t properly sorted the doors yet as I’m waiting for the carpet to be laid this week first so they perhaps look a little wonky!)

The final item that I wanted to mention are these LED pillar candles. They are the most realistic pillar candles I have seen as the flame moves and flickers, but they do come at a price (Β£45). That said, at the moment there is a 30% off sale which takes the price down somewhat. The candles also have a timer, and so they automatically come on & off which is an added bonus. Aren’t they stunning?



2 thoughts on “Laura Ashley Loves”

  1. I love your new sofa! Looks so comfy as well. Nothing better than chilling out on the sofa, watching TV with a mountain of snacks πŸ˜€

    Just make sure the kids don’t try and steal it for themselves!


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