Christmas Wish List

Can you believe it’s November already!?! The kids have begun thinking about Christmas presents (of course they have!) and so I thought I would start to piece together my own Christmas Wish List… I will probably treat myself to something nice to open on Christmas morning!

On my flight to Australia, I heard all about Jo Loves on the in flight entertainment – they have a partnership with Emirates it transpires. Anyway, I hadn’t realised that it was a brand created by Jo Malone until then! I had previously spotted Jo Loves Smoked Plum and Leather fragrance, £110 for 100mL, in a magazine and had planned to see if I could get it at duty free but it wasn’t there; only the Pomelo fragrance was available on the plane itself.


I do love loungewear, and I really like the look of this Autograph felt wrap, £45. It’s a more stylish version of a housecoat/dressing gown*


Sticking with the loungewear, these Hush Metallic Star pyjamas look perfect for cold winter nights (of which there are plenty here in Scotland!). The trousers (£30) come in a longer length, hurrah!


I have a thing for candles… Last year I loved the Neom seasonal candle, Perfect Peace. I’d happily add the 3-wick version to my collection this year.

And perhaps the last item on my list would be a date with a tall, dark handsome man!!

*delete as appropriate, based on your preference. Mine is housecoat!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List”

  1. Please stop trying to define yourself by needing a relationship! You give other single women like me a bad name. It isn’t funny and is beginning to sound rather pathetic.


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