Life in Australia

I had the most amazing two weeks in Australia. I’ve been back in Glasgow for nearly a week, and I still have the post-holiday blues. I got out of the taxi that took me home from the airport, walked up to my front door (dragging my suitcase behind me) and promptly burst into tears. I cried for all the rest of that day, and then the first half of the following day too (whilst at work… oops!).

Life is so different over there… I mean, for starters there is the weather! Everything is better when the sun is shining!

One of the striking differences was the attitude to work. I met quite a lot of new people when I was there,  and not a single person asked me what I did for a living. Here in the UK, that would probably be one of the first few questions you would ask someone that you hadn’t met before. It was weird!

Then there is the huge emphasis on sport. The facilities are awesome. Ailsa, my friend that I was staying with, has just started playing water polo, and I went to see her play in her first match (she scored a goal btw!). At the complex, there were about 5 swimming pools, both indoor and out, and the evening that we were there each pool was full with teams playing water polo matches.

Finally, the people seem to be so much more helpful. Lots of the parents volunteer to coach the kids sports teams for example. Ailsa has been organising a fundraiser for her best friend Fi, you can read more about Fi’s story here, and she has been ramping up her efforts as the big night approaches. There are so many people that have contributed to the event, from auction items to home baking. It was heart warming to see.

Anyway, it’s back to reality here in Glasgow! Goodbye, Perth – you were awesome!


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