Review – Kiko, Glasgow Fort

I was kindly given some Kiko skincare to trial from Kiko, Glasgow Fort, and wanted to fill you in with my thoughts.


This was my first time using micellar water, and it is my favourite of the products. From the packaging (flip top lid, with a pump for getting product easily onto a cosmetic pad – not sure if it has a name?) to the smell, which is just so fresh and clean! It’s not amazing at removing heavy eye make-up, but it’s super for a second cleanse or to wake yourself upย in the morning. The littlest knows how to dispense the product onto cotton wool, and has given me a lovely ‘facial’ whilst I lie on her bed!


I’m not sure if I noticed a huge difference with the Bright Lift eye cream, but I know that I probably need to start using an eye product as at the moment I don’t have one in my current routine. The product itself is a nice consistency, absorbs well and smells nice… perhaps if I was to use it regularly over a longer timeframe I might have seen some results in terms of reducing dark circles and minimising wrinkles. Must try harder and use it everyday.

The moisturiser was also nice – a good thick consistency that absorbed well. Although I’m not sure if it stood out as being any different/better from theย other moisturisers that are currently in my bathroom.

In terms of the shopping experience, the Kiko store is lovely, and is worth a visit if you’re out at Glasgow Fort. Dare I say it, but I felt a little bit old when I was in the store (I’m only 34!), and the young staff didn’t seem to be that approachable which was disappointing. I’ve previously purchased Kiko products from a trip to London and it was a similar experience there too. But the make-up items and skincare products that I’ve tried from this brand are good and it’s definitely better seeing the items in person than buying online.

I received a selection of skincare from Kiko, Glasgow Fort in exchange for this review. Opinions are honest, and are my own.



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