Halloween decor

We’re not having a proper Halloween party this year, because the forever home is still a bit of a riot. That said, we’ve still decorated the house as we do have one family joining us on the Halloween weekend for a play date and lunch/dinner (still to be decided!)! I got a few bits online (paper plates, cups etc), and we also grabbed a few extras from Sainsburys and Matalan. It’s not all photographed below, but this gives you a few ideas… we also have some felted bats hanging up along with some honeycomb spiders and bats. Plus there is of course the pumpkin baskets and lots and lots of sweeties!!

The morning after we had decorated the place, I went downstairs for a cup of tea and got a huge fright as I came face to face with a realistic looking plastic spider that my daughter had stuck onto the wall! Yikes!!


Spiders from Sainsburys and Matalan (I think!)

Skull bunting from Sainsburys, £2.50
Large skull from Sainsburys, £3
Skull garland from Amazon

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