G’day from sunny Perth!

I arrived on Tuesday evening, and so as I write this it’s Day 3 of my holiday. I’m staying with my best friend Ailsa and her family, who have kindly put me up in their lovelyย home for the duration of my trip. I went for a walk around the lake outside their house the other day, and I felt like I was in The Sims. The sun was shining, there were people practicing Tai Chi on the grass, dog walkers strolled by, there was a lady doing yoga and there were children giggling and playing on the swings. It was very surreal.


I’ve been watching my back, as I’m terrified of spiders… checking my shoes before I put them on, glancing upwards to check the ceiling before I get in the shower etc. Thankfully I’m yet to see a spider… So far I’ve only seen a fly!

The sun is shining; we’ve been to some amazing cafes, which I’ll post about separately; I’ve been for a hot stone massage, and also had a pedicure. It’s safe to say that I’m enjoying the break!


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