There aren’t many things in life that I hate… but spiders is one of them. They just freak me out. I can’t explain it. I know they are tiny in comparison to the size of me, but it doesn’t stop me screaming whenever I see one in my house. I have tried to keep my reaction to a minimum and scream inwardly and express instead to the kids “what a cute spider” when inside I’m thinking “someone help me get this disgusting beast out of my house”. Despite my best intentions, the kids both don’t like spiders. The littlest in particular.

We’ve been in our new house for about 2 months or so now, and since moving in there has only been one spider (a pretty big one though to be fair!). There’s been plenty mice… but that’s another story.

Anyway, Mr Spider appeared in the bathroom and I finally plucked up the courage to get rid of him myself as my daughter was so freaked out. But by the time I returned to the bathroom he had gone. Yikes! So I was then forced by the kids to plug up the holes around the toilet with tissue, and block under the door with a towel.

When they next returned from their dad I informed them that Mr Spider had reappeared and I had thrown him out the window to join his spider pals. All was well and they forgot about the new addition to our family!!

Fast forward a few days, and that darn spider came back! This time in the sink. On seeing it I screamed, which didn’t help matters and we ended up flushing the spider down the sink with bleach. He most certainly wouldn’t be visiting our place again!! (Please don’t hate me!).

The final part of the tale, was then a few days later. The kids were with their dad and I was in the bathroom one morning, feeling a little hungover if you must know from the night before. I looked up from my seated position, and screamed. The rotten spider was back…. how on earth!!!???!!!

On closer inspection, it was in fact my false eyelashes from the night before and not our dear spider friend. Oops… should have gone to SpecSavers πŸ˜‰


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