I’ll Miss You

Tomorrow morning I’ll be dropping my kiddos at school, and I won’t see them for 16 days. It’s their dad’s turn to have them for the October holidays, and I’ve decided to make the most of my opportunity to travel. It’s not very often that I get two weeks kid-free to explore (in fact, this is the first time ever!). I’m going an adventure to the other side of the world to visit my very good friend Ailsa who emigrated to Australia four years ago (if you followed me on Glasgow Mummy, then you’ll have no doubt read about Ailsa already). I’m going to relax, enjoy the sun and catch up with my friend who I haven’t seen since she left all those years ago.

The kids and I have had a brilliant weekend together, making the most of our quality time before our separate holidays. We have had lazy mornings all piled into my bed, eaten out and had take away, treated ourselves to new toys at Build a Bear and decorated the house ready for Halloween. Tonight I gave the kids extra snuggles as we did the bedtime routine. With the littlest, we finished the Famous Five book that we have been reading and she was delighted that we made it to the end. Then with my son we read a quick story of his choice (robots!) and then had a chat about the next few weeks. He likes to share with me his ‘worries’ of an evening, and I’m happy to listen. They know I’m going to Australia (probably more keen to get the presents when I return!) and my son has said that he would miss me. I didn’t say that I’d miss him back. I mean, of course I will, but I don’t think it helps if they hear that. Instead I’ve focussed on saying “I love you” rather than “I’ll miss you” and I’m sure before you know it they’ll be back in my arms. I don’t want them to feel sad or to worry about me. My son has said a few times that he’s worried about me being lonely when he is with his dad, but I always reassure him that I’m very busy with work, have lots of friends etc etc (although in truth I am probably a little lonely!).

Of course whilst I’m away we can FaceTime – the benefits of our modern lives – though the time difference may make it more difficult.

Anyway, I suppose I should go and finish packing!! One more sleep…


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