I didn’t anticipate just how tough it would be to renovate a house… and I’m not even doing the labour… I’m just co-ordinating the workmen! I’ve been having such a stressful time trying to get planning permission (the council seem to hate me!); I’m now a year down the line and still don’t have the relevant approvals in place to get started!!!

Despite this, we have been gutting the front of the house, and have slowly been putting it back together again, but the rear is still very much a work in progress. Double glazed windows have been removed, and replaced with uPVC double glazed sash and case windows; radiators have been removed and replaced with more traditional column radiators and I’ve been reinstating fireplaces (we’ve now got three solid fuel fires in the house!). It’s taken a year, but we’ve now pretty much got three bedrooms finished (mine still needs the carpet laid, but that’s all) and the “grown-up” living room is completeΒ as is the kids playroom. I’m now busy accessorising these rooms and making them homely. It’s amazing what a difference that a pair of curtains and a few cushions can make!

I’ve been told a few times now by various visitors to the house that I’ve got an eye for interiors, and they love what I’ve done with the place so far. It’s great to hear such lovely feedback. Homes & interiors is certainly one of my passions, and I do enjoy it. I’ll get some proper photographs taken soon and share them with you all. In the meantime, you’ll see snippets on my Instagram feed.

The “grown-up” living room

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