Fiona’s Story

Last November, my friend Fiona who is based in Glasgow, was told that the treatment she had received for her breast cancer had been a success. It had been a rough year all round and she was elated. She was, and is, immensely grateful for the support she received from family and friends and was happily able to take up the reins again at home and work.

Fiona with her two children


That elation was short lived however, as at the end of May this year she underwent further scans and tests and found out that the cancer had returned in her lymph system. It had not gone, only hidden, and was in fact a much more aggressive form of breast cancer than was originally thought.

To add insult to injury, she was also told that there had been a mistake.

A human error.

The radiotherapy prescribed to prevent its return had not been applied to the lymphs in her neck…the very place it has now originated. How long would this cancer have stayed at bay if the instructions given for the treatment intended to prevent its return had just been followed? We will never know the answer.

Whilst her doctors are deeply apologetic and negligence is apparent, it does not help her right now. She needs help right now. She can make a claim against them, however such a claim would likely be a very lengthy, emotionally, physically and financially draining process and she is honestly not sure what the future holds.

Fiona has started chemotherapy again, the aim being to control the cancer. The speed in which it has returned indicates that it is unlikely to be cured by the conventional, approved in the UK, treatments that are on offer. This has taken a while to sink in. the tumours in the lymphs in her neck and chest have grown considerably and it has spread to her liver despite the chemo. Quite frankly, it is not working.

Fiona and her friends are raising money to allow her to fund alternative treatments.

So far over Β£36,000 has been raised through donations plus a variety of sponsored events, charity evenings and even a spa day! I wanted to share Fiona’s story, in a hope that perhaps we might be able to raise some more cash to get her towards her Β£50,000 target. If you would like to donate, then you can find the JustGiving page here.

Thanks so much for reading, and thanks in advance for your support.


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