Online Dating

I said I was giving up on dating, instead planning on focusing on getting fit, but it’s kind of addictive. I just couldn’t quite delete the apps from my phone. I find myself swiping left about 99% of the time but I’m hopeful that I’ll find my perfect match eventually. I’ve stuck to and Tinder thus far but I also recently downloaded Bumble and Happn. 

Bumble forces engagement between people because you only get 24 hours to send a message or the connection disappears. The girl also has to make the first move. The approach makes sense as I’ve got quite a few Tinder matches, yet no messages for some of them. 

I’ve subsequently deleted Happn. I can understand the theory of it…if you’re always crossing paths with someone then perhaps you’ve a common interest (at the gym perhaps, or frequent movie goers) but I didn’t like the thought of people seeing where I was and where I’d been.

Fellow singletons, what apps (if any) have you been using? 


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