My Weekly Food Shop at Aldi

This week I strayed from my usual supermarket (Sainsbury’s if you’re interested!) to visit Aldi for my food shop. There isn’t an Aldi near my house – it’s a 45 minute round trip to get to one… however it was certainly worth the effort in getting there. I’ve been to Aldi on the odd occasion to pick up a few bits & pieces, but never a full weekly shop.

I’m amazed at the sheer amount I was able to purchase for my typical weekly budget of £80. I chose food for the week plus extras that I wouldn’t normally buy each week to stock up the larder like squeezey garlic and ginger, sugar and dark chocolate for baking, biscuits (shh, don’t tell my PT!) and a few cleaning products too.


I’ve been doing my best to meal prep, so after my food shop I made a big batch of vegetable and lentil soup for lunches for the week ahead plus a tomato and mozzarella salad, BBQ chicken breasts, chilli roasted vegetables and that lasted me about 4 days. When the kids returned to me from their dads, we had tacos, sausages and pasta for our dinners… and they enjoyed the Scottish shortbread biscuits that I picked up.

Talking of local produce, there was a huge selection of Scottish groceries in store as part of the Aldi ‘Best of Scotland‘ range (300 and counting). From the rapeseed oil to the oatcakes, from the eggs and milk to the pastrami and then not forgetting the raspberry jam and fudge (I promise I didn’t eat it all to myself…!). For my Scottish readers, there is a new Aldi Facebook page which you can check out here.


I managed to find nearly everything that was on my shopping list at Aldi, which was one of the reasons I haven’t really shopped at Aldi before. However this experience has certainly opened my eyes as I got everything I needed (& more!) apart from cumin seeds (not really essential anyway!). All of the items that we had were of a great quality (the only item we weren’t fond of was the onion hummus), and I’m now into Week 2 and I’ve still got plenty food to keep me going. I’ve just topped up locally with more milk and bread.

Aldi, I will most certainly be back… thanks for having me!

We received vouchers for our food shop, however opinions are my own and are honest.





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