Review – Betty Spaghetty dolls


Betty was a must-have toy in the 90s and she’s back… my daughter was delighted to try out one of the Single Doll Packs (RRP £12.99) of which there are 6 different dolls to collect. The bright spaghetti-like hair really appealed to the littlest, who has enjoyed pleating (or at least trying to pleat!) it and adding accessories.

Mix, Match, Style!

It’s the interchangeable body parts that I think are great… much easier for a little girl to swap out a T-shirt or skirt than try to dress a little doll with teeny clothes. The accessories are a little fiddly, but my 5 year old did manage to pop out the arms, add a bracelet or two and stick the doll back together again. Not sure if smaller children would fair so well, but with the tiny parts I don’t think the dolls are designed for pre-school kids anyway.

The arms and legs are bendable, so the dolls can be moved into various positions, and the stand helps them stay upright.

Overall, we think the doll is great fun!

We received a complimentary doll, but opinions are our own and are honest.



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