Life Update

So much has been happening lately that I thought I’d give you all a quick life update!

Forever Home

Things are progressing at our forever home, flooring is starting to be laid in some of the rooms & the curtains are up. It definitely feels good to have some rooms near completion. There is still lots to be done however… I’ll do a separate blog post with some before & after shots soon. The first room to finish will be the ‘grown-up room’ and it should be done by the weekend! I’m having a fireplace installed in my bedroom tomorrow. I can’t wait for chilly autumn weekends when I can snuggle in bed with a book in front of the fire!! Autumn is definitely my favourite season.


The littlest has settled very well into Primary 1. She’s looking so grown up in her uniform. It’s crazy to think she’s not a baby anymore!! My son is now P3 and is as confident as ever. They are great fun to be around.


I’ve given up on dating, for just now. I’m on various dating sites but they seem to be full of idiots & I’ve got loads of other things to keep me busy anyway…like my new fitness regimen!

Health & Fitness

I’ve started back with a personal trainer again. I put on a lot of weight recently due to my Crohn’s…a combination of being too ill and tired to exercise followed by steroid treatment making me puffy. I’m determined to get back into my size 10 jeans! I was even meal prepping at the weekend…I feel very motivated just now which is great and I think I’m starting to see results from my hard work. As well as my weekly PT session, I’m trying to make it along to gym classes as well. It’s hard work but it will be worth it.


I’m still working full-time and loving it. Work is very busy and can be stressful at times but I love it. My employer is flexible so I work long days when the kids are with their dad, and shorter ones when they are with me. It works out rather well indeed!

That’s all for now folks…until next time! 

Sarah x


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