It’s been pretty manic lately for a variety of reasons. 

I’m trying to renovate our forever house but the planning department has refused my application to add a bedroom at the back of the house…that’s been 7-8 months of architect time, pre-planning discussions and then the final submission before waiting two months for their response. It’s so frustrating. Back to the drawing board…

Then there is my current house which will be going up for sale soon. I’ve been busy getting it ready for photographs, home report survey and eventually viewers. So much to do…!!

On top of that I’ve been dealing with a Crohn’s flare-up (stress of the house clearly not helping matters) but I’m now half way through my course of prednisolone and my bowels have finally settled. I start infliximab infusions at the hospital tomorrow, which I’m a little nervous about. I don’t like cannulas and I’m concerned about side effects and feeling rotten. Anyway, long term I’m hoping this new treatment will sort me out and bring my inflammatory markers down.
I’ve had the kids for 12 nights in a row which doesn’t happen often. The week is normally split 5/2 and then vice versa, but it was my turn to have them for the end of May school holiday giving me extra days with them. We’ve had a great time, especially as the weather has been so good. Dining al fresco, trampolining, scooting, swimming outside, Sunday lunch at The Trading House, ice cream cones, movie nights…

This weekend we were in Aberdeen, and the kids were even paddling in the sea! You’d have thought we were in Spain or something!! 

The littlest lost her first tooth as well, so there has been a visit from the tooth fairy! 

It’s all happening…



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