Conclusion of LiveLagom

So, I’ve now come to the end of my LiveLagom experiment with IKEA.

It all started at the end of last year, when I set myself the new years resolution to live more sustainably. You can read my first instalment here.

“I live in a draughty traditional property in Glasgow and yet I haven’t done as much as I could to help insulate the house.” Resolutions for 2016

With the little changes I made with rugs, throws and swapping to LED bulbs I was keen to see if there was a real impact on my bills.

Rhubarb enjoying the new throw!


My electricity has dropped by £40 over three month period, which perhaps isn’t a huge reduction, but it’s a reduction nonetheless. My gas has also gone down by £50 over three months (in comparison to similar time of year 2015). I’m really happy with these savings; it all adds up!


Another major source of frustration that I was hoping to solve by participating in the project was lack of kitchen storage, tackle the amount of food waste I was creating and also look at better ways of recycling plastics/paper.

“I had no space to store things, the kitchen was jam packed & I was then not motivated to cook. Food waste was high, recycling was difficult and I had lost my mojo.” LiveLagom – an update


This simple set of shelves has been my saviour and was potentially my best purchase in terms of value for money and the results it achieved! I was able to re-jig the location of various bits and pieces in the kitchen – gadgets, mugs & glasses, cook books and even some food – freeing up vital space elsewhere for recycling. You’ll see in the photo below (on the right) that I now have two sizeable black plastic boxes for plastics and paper to be segregated.


In terms of areas for improvement, there honestly aren’t many. I had a few teething problems with my LED bulbs – I chose ones that weren’t able to be dimmed by mistake, but I managed to get that sorted easily enough. I also have had issues with the plastic containers that I chose (above left)… the pesky red lids are very tricky to close and looking back I should have selected containers that were see through so that I could check contents with ease. Something to think about if you’re planning revamping your food storage.

That leaves the question, where to next? If you are regular readers you will know that we’re moving house soon. We will certainly be taking our products, new learnings and new attitude with us to our new home. I’m keen to start growing our own vegetables again following the success of our outdoor lettuce a few years back. The new range of indoor growing cultivators at Ikea are also catching my interest – perhaps I’ll be able to grow some fresh herbs without killing them!!



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