LiveLagom – an update

It has now been over three months since I collected my #LiveLagom haul from IKEA Glasgow. I had chosen a variety of products to help me tick a number of boxes for living more sustainably. As a working single mum I wanted to pick items that wouldn’t require too much effort asΒ I wanted to start with baby steps. I think if I had forced myself to do too much too soon then I wouldn’t have stuck with it.

First on my list was a generously sized rug to cover my draughty floorboards. I wanted something stylish, and the cow hide I chose is just that. However in addition to looking good, it has made a dramatic difference to the dining room making it feel much warmer in there now. I also chose a large grey throw for my bed and I don’t need to have my electric blanket on for as long now (yes, I’m only 34 but I swear that my ‘EB’ was one of the best Christmas presents ever!!).


I also replaced some of my lightbulbs with LED bulbs. I measured the speed of rotation on my electricity meter before swapping the bulbs, and after the meter was slower to make the same number of loops. Again, another simple change which made an immediate impact. Another money saver has been the battery charger. We go through a lot of batteries with Wii remotes, kids toys and such like. Being able to recharge the batteries is a quick & easy change that has saved money.

My battery charging station

However for me it’s been my kitchen that has given the best results. Storage was a big issue of mine which had a few knock on effects… I had no space to store things, the kitchen was jam packed & I was then not motivated to cook. Food waste was high, recycling was difficult and I had lost my mojo.

My motivation crept back slowly, and I had a huge clear out. Out of date food was taken to my daughters nursery for the children to use in arts and crafts (cinnamon bark for tree trunks and oregano for leaves in a sticky picture anyone?!), Tupperware with no matching lids were repurposed and replaced with new tubs, and kitchenware that I hadn’t used in a while was charity shopped.


A set of shelves gave me much needed storage space. A few tweaks here and there freed up two spaces for paper and plastic recycling boxes. Plastic containers have allowed me to save food rather than it go to waste, taking leftovers to work for lunch for example.


The kitchen is still small, there’s no way of getting around that unfortunately. However a few clever storage solutions have given it a new lease of life.


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