Tips for Moving House

As you know, I’m renovating our “Forever Home” and unfortunately things are not moving as quickly as I had anticipated. We (myself and my architech) first started discussions with the planning department in January, and it’s now May and I’m no further forward. So I’ve made the decision to move into the new house and live through the rest of the building work. Eek! So, I’ve been working on getting the current house organised as much as I can as it will be going on the market in the near future.

Here are some tips that I have from previous moves, and I’m hoping that you’ll share some more with me so that I have a smooth transition!

1. Make a list (well, you know me – I love a list!!)

Keep Calm and Make a List

2. If you’ve time, then sift through your stuff and discard of any broken toys, make a pile of things to take to the charity shop etc. I’ve also got some furniture that I’m going to sell on Gumtree.

3. Make sure you have enough boxes, parcel tape and bubble wrap. I’ve bought some boxes from Amazon to get me started and some bubble wrap too.

Careful packing

4. Pack sensibly… don’t make the boxes too heavy and start early – it’s going to take longer than you think.

5. Label your boxes! It’s important to make it clear which boxes contain breakables and those that are load-bearing that can be stacked. If you can, perhaps get two different colours of parcel tape.

6. Prepare an overnight bag of clothes & toiletries (or in my case it will be a number of the boxes marked as essentials that will see us through until the work is complete, the rest can be unpacked after!) for everyone in the family and those everyday essentials – for me this will include the kids special cups, favourite teddies/blankets etc.

7. Pack one room at a time.

8. Make sure you keep important documents together and in a safe place.

9. If you’re using a removals company, do ensure you book your slot in advance!

‘We are living out of boxes’ moving cards

10. When stressed out and worrying… put your feet up for five with a cup of tea (or a G&T, preferably Hendricks!). And remember to breathe!

What are your tips for a stressless moving day?

This was first published on my previous blog, Glasgow Mummy.

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