International Family Day at The Tramway

“[Sheila Hicks] has created a vertical thrusting mesh of twists and turns made of soft, pliable, sculptural threads tightly wound together into a dense maze or tower which takes the full height of the building”
The kids and I had a blast at The Tramway at the weekend for International Family Day. It was a flying visit, we were only there for about an hour and a half, but we managed to check out the large-scale textile installation by Sheila Hicks, try our hand at pom pom making and catch a performance too from the high-energy dance duet ‘Go Get ’em Kid’.


Go Get ‘ em Kid


‘Go Get ’em Kid’ was great fun; Tamsyn and Adrienne performed their dance routine to an eclectic soundtrack including what I think was the German version of ‘Working 9 to 5’. The basis of the show was friendship and sharing, and it started with 100 T-shirts on the stage and ended up with the girls sharing just one. I’m not very good with my interpretation of all things modern art, but I have read that this signified the ‘stretching of the fabric of their friendship’. It was very cleverly done, and my two kiddos were captivated for the 45 minute piece.

The event was free, and was excellent. I just wish we had given ourselves more time to explore all the activities that were on offer. I highly recommend keeping an eye out for other events like this at The Tramway in the future.


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