Interiors – Kitchen Ideas

Progress is slow at our new house. It’s a huge renovation job, and I’m currently waiting on planning permission for a little extension. Basically, I’m looking to add one small bedroom for the littlest as the current Bedroom 3 is so minute I think you’d struggle to get a single bed to fit.

Despite not having planning (and we’re now 6 months in!), I’m trying to keep my spirits high and think of the longer term goal. One big purchase that needs to be selected is our kitchen.

I’ve been pinning loads of inspirational pictures, getting ideas for cabinets, flooring etc. The house is a traditional property again, and I fancy a more traditional kitchen versus a high gloss design. I’m thinking pale grey cabinets, marble effect worktop and a wooden floor. It looks like I’m going to have enough space for a kitchen island too. I literally cannot wait to get out of my tiny kitchen and into this new one.

Clockwise, L to R… Kitchen island with space for stools on the shorter side, grey cabinets in a traditional style, marble effect worktop and a Belfast sink.




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