The Dating Game

I’m not programmed to be single. I like being in a relationship, and since breaking up with Rick in October last year I’ve become a bit lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my own company but I would like someone to share my free time with. The kids go off with their dad for 5 nights on the trot every other week. I fill that time with work, gym, meeting friends, spending time with family and generally keeping busy, but I find that in the evenings once it’s just me again I wish I had someone to snuggle up with rather than my cats (Rhubarb is just too scratchy!).

I’m new to Internet dating, and to be honest I don’t particularly like it very much. But how else is a busy, working mum like me supposed to meet someone? The amount of men with ridiculous profile pictures is unreal. Surely they know that they should be putting their best photo first, and not a ridiculous grin, a picture of half their face, their naked torso or a photo of their dog. I also immediately discount photos of men with their fingers up swearing at the camera or downing a pint of beer. Thankfully I’ve not experienced any horror stories and the few men that I have met, have looked like their profile pictures and have been decent enough guys. Just not the right guy for me. 

I’ll keep you posted with how I get on!


2 thoughts on “The Dating Game”

  1. Good Luck – nearly 5 years ago I was feeling a bit lonely too. I had a good group of friends but I just felt it would be nice to meet someone to do something like walks or travel with, I don’t know I just had a wee notion that although I was really happy with me that it would be even better to spend some time with someone else. So I thought I would give internet dating a go. I went on a date (I nearly bailed from nerves) that turned into a whole weekend date and ever since then we have been pretty much inseparable. I moved in with him after 3 months, we’ve been through family bereavements, amazing holidays, moving house and now nearly 5 years later we have bought our family home and our first baby is due in 7 weeks. I wasn’t looking for any of that when I gave the internet date a go but I’m so glad I did.

    Oh and one of my strangest online date requests was from a French man coming to live in Scotland who wanted to go swimming in Loch Ness, he seemed surprised that I was not totally keen to do that!


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