Review – Star Wars Itty Bittys

My son was delighted to review the new Star Wars Itty Bittys which launched at Hallmark in February this year.

His immediate reaction on opening the parcel was, “they’re awesome”.

We then proceeded to photograph them all, and he plans on recording a video too with all of them!

I hadn’t heard of Itty Bittys, but they are huge in the US and Australia (according to Google!).

The plush toys are super cute, and seem to be very well made. I like the fact that they can stand up as well thanks to the beans in their bottom! They look fab all standing in a line on my son’s bedroom shelf.

They are also the perfect size for taking out on adventures, as my son proved by stuffing one in each of his pockets. His favourites he has decided are C-3P0 and R2-D2.

They retail at £6 each, which I think is good value for such a fab collectible. There are tonnes of other well known characters as well as Star Wars. Batman is the most popular in America.


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