I’m feeling bleugh.

I’m disappointed in myself because I was doing well at the gym and was getting into a routine that worked well for me. However I got ill (Crohn’s related and now a cold that I can’t seem to shake) and going to the gym was the last thing I was caring about. At the moment when I’m not in work, I’m in bed! As soon as the kids are in bed, I do the same. Not exercising has several impacts though…my “mum tum” is getting flabbier, and I generally feel crap. I’m sure I’d be happier if I was more active. I just can’t seem to face it at the moment…

The new drug (Humira) doesn’t seem to be working for me and my inflammatory markers are still higher than we want. I have good days, and bad, and thankfully as I write this it’s been a good day Crohn’s wise.

I was away in America with work, and just before I left I think I got food poisoning. I had horrendous D&V plus stabbing pain in my sides. I actually phoned NHS 24 as I was seriously concerned. I was doubled over in pain! I had visions of being whisked off to hospital in an ambulance and having to get emergency surgery. Anyway, turns out I was being OTT; the pain subsided and I fell asleep just as the nurse returned my call!

I’m back at the hospital in a week for a further check-up and to get some blood results. We are checking to see if my body has developed antibodies against the Humira; which would explain why it’s not working as effectively as we had hoped.

Perhaps not the best of times to be starting out with a new man, but it’s going well thus far *does happy dance*

I’ll get back into the gym next week…!


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