I had a conversation with my friend Jackie the other evening about hibernation, and we agreed that in January it’s normal to want to stay indoors and not do very much. Phew! I’m not the only one.

My Crohn’s has been playing up. The only positive of this is that my stomach is a little flatter after all the over indulgence at Christmas time! However as a result I’m exhausted. On the days the children are with their dad, I’m at work and then I come home to have a little dinner and then I head straight to bed (sometimes at 8pm!)… I watch a little Netflix on my phone or iPad and then I’m typically fast asleep at 9.30/10. Similarly, on the nights when I have the kids, they’re in bed for 7/7.30 and I too jump into bed at that time!!

I had thought that the HUMIRA I had started on before Christmas had given me immediate improvement to  my Crohn’s symptoms, but now I’m not so sure. I was vomiting during the night in between Christmas and New Year whilst at my dad & Jo’s (and no, I hadn’t been drinking!) and had the most horrendous day after. Thank goodness for hands on grandparents who are willing to participate fully with the kids. I most certainly wouldn’t have managed without them. I still find myself having to rush to the bathroom, and on occasion I’ve been feeling nauseous and bleugh. The nurse has told me it’s early days, and I’m seeing her again next month for another check-up.

On top of all of this I’ve been feeling lonely… I am happy in my own company, don’t get me wrong, but when the kids are with their dad for 5 nights on the trot every second week and it’s just me (and the cats!) I tend to wish I had someone around. I’m not used to being single. I was on my own for 9 months after I separated from my husband but the kids were so little then that life was very busy with night feeds, nursery runs and work. Also at that time I had the kids 6 nights a week, so I had very little time to myself. I then had two relationships with a small gap in between, with the most recent one ending in October last year.

It’s now month 4 of me being on my own, and I’ve decided that instead of moping, I’m going to get more active. I’m hoping this will also help my energy levels and perhaps drag me out of my hibernation.

So for the first time I’ve joined a private gym, and I’m loving it. As are the kids. This weekend the kids were with their dad and I made it to the gym each day. It’s good having something to focus on. Plus, I have a house to renovate too! Pre-planning was submitted last week and hopefully we’ll be in a position to submit the full planning application soon.



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