A crick in my neck

My good friend Ailsa once asked me how often I go to the dentist. Every 6 months, I replied. She then proceeded to ask how often I get my back checked. To which I responded, never. So you’ll have perfect teeth when you’re old, but you won’t be able to stand!? Ailsa was recommending regular trips to a chiropractor, which is something I’d never have considered myself.

I did end up going, and have been visiting Shawlands Chiropractic clinic for 6 years, admittedly on and off.

I think a lot of people are of the opinion that chiropractors are a bit airy fairy. However I’ve personally had some huge success stories.

My son was a difficult baby, and at nearly one year old he couldn’t sit unaided let alone crawl. He had tummy issues and the chiropractor said he was so tense across his back & shoulders as a result of it. After a few sessions he could sit, and then began crawling. The sudden improvements may not solely be due to the chiropractor’s adjustments but I do feel it played a huge part.

Before I gave birth to my daughter I was struggling to walk, and naively assumed it would fix itself upon delivery and that perhaps the baby was pressing against a nerve. Which it wasn’t. I was told I couldn’t see a physio for 6 weeks after the birth, whereas the chiropractor you can see straight away. After just one session, when littlest was 6 days old, I was able to walk normally. Just like that! I was amazed.

At the moment I’ve got a sore neck, probably from sleeping in a funny position, but the stress, long hours at my desk and just my lifestyle in general isn’t helping. Back to the chiropractor… this time I’ve had two sessions and have seen huge improvements. I’m still a bit stiff though so will have to go back again.

It’s very strange letting someone crack your neck… and perhaps a little nerve wracking. The noise is what is most bizarre, but it doesn’t hurt. Although I was getting a knot in my shoulder massaged out the other evening and it was a little painful admittedly.

I always walk out feeling a little taller though… (Maybe not a good thing given that I’m already 5’11”!).

Does anyone else swear by their chiropractor?


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