It’s all happening…

It has been rather daunting to start over, but my ‘plan’ (I didn’t plan this at all well, so not sure it can be called a plan!) is to keep Glasgow Mummy open, but I will be posting here, for the majority of the time at least. If things don’t work out… then I can always revert back?

The past three months have been hectic to say the least…

After over two  years together, Rick & I broke up. We are at different stages in our lives, and wanted different things. So much so that it just wasn’t going to work long term. Despite knowing it’s the right thing, it’s still very sad and I’ve cried many a tear (we all know I’m a weeper!).

However, some massive positive news is that I have secured what will hopefully be my ‘forever home’ and I’ll be moving in next year. It needs a lot of work doing to it; it’s got a leaking roof and there is water all over the place plus there is damp to sort and a variety of other issues! I do love a project though!! Expect lots of updates as I get the place ready for moving day.

I’ve also started HUMIRA treatment for my Crohn’s Disease and it seems to be working! Immediately after just the loading dose I could notice a difference in my symptoms. It’s a bit strange having to inject myself, but I’ve been able to do it successfully and next year I will be able to inject from the comfort of my home without having to traipse into the hospital. I’m still pretty exhausted and I think it will take time for that to resolve. What doesn’t help is that outwardly I look healthy; it’s just my insides that are a mess!

That’s all for now…

Sarah x







2 thoughts on “It’s all happening…”

  1. So sorry to hear about you & Rick, but congrats on the new house, it’s the start of a new chapter!
    We’re hoping to buy our ‘forever home’ in the next couple of years so I look forward to your updates for hints & tips!😘 xx


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