Who is Ethel?

You might be wondering who is Ethel, and what happened to Glasgow Mummy? Let me explain…

I started the Glasgow Mummy blog over 4 years ago, and during this time I have had many ups and downs, as my regular readers will know. I’ve changed jobs, houses and even partners… the only thing that has been my constant are my little ones. However they are not so little anymore. My daughter is currently four (and three quarters) and my son is six. It’s been suggested that “mummy” isn’t an appropriate name for me anymore, and although I am a mother that isn’t all that I am. My previous Glasgow Mummy blog was started to capture my journey as a parent, documenting my adventures with the children and sharing my parenting tips… however it quickly grew into more than that and I was writing about food, relationships, health, beauty, fashion and interiors as well as parenting. It was turning into a lifestyle blog rather than solely a parenting blog as the name perhaps suggests.

So it is with a heavy heart that I am saying Goodbye to Glasgow Mummy, and hello to Ethel Explores. I hope you will continue to follow me on my journey!

Love, Sarah x

P.S. My late mother was called Ethel, and I have always been fond of the name… hence why I chose it for my new blog.




7 thoughts on “Who is Ethel?”

  1. I’m sure whatever you write will be interesting and most importantly will come from the heart which is why we all love your blog! Can’t wait to read what ‘Ethel’ gets up to πŸ™‚ xx


  2. Very same thoughts myself on closing the blog and creating what is more suitable to now. Best of luck and looking forward to following.


  3. Hi there love your blog was mentioned to me by our mutual friend Louisa Kerr.
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    Shout if interested with your email add please!


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